agronomic considerations

Maintenance of golf courses is key to achieving the full potential of a project. For this reason, our specialist technicians are involved in each project from the initial phase, given that as the end managers of the natural resources, they are best placed to identify the parameters that need to be monitored during the performance of the projects.

Golf courses are composed of different areas of play (greens, tees, bunkers, etc.), which require appropriately sized and properly executed and installed infrastructures for their correct operation. Maintaining the functionality of these infrastructures is vital for the survival of the different parts of the course, which requires a continuous process of renewal, given the limited useful life of not only the components that constitute the golf course, but also their corresponding infrastructures.

As well as working on new projects, our technicians collaborate with existing golf courses and other sports facilities (football pitches, horse riding schools, etc.) to develop specific tools, be they one-off in nature or permanent, including:

  • Advice on agronomic work for the development of maintenance programs.
  • One-off technical support for the resolution of specific needs sites, such as problems with water quality, preparation for tournaments, etc.
  • Audits: of one or more specific components of a golf course (for example, the irrigation system) or of the facility as a whole. Very important in the case of change of ownership or the preparation of multi-year investment plans.
  • R&D programs. Development of research programs in collaboration with Public Institutions, Federations and Private Companies for the independent evaluation of products, construction methods, etc.
  • Environmental Certificate Programs. Study, implementation and monitoring of various environmental and management programs for Golf Courses.
  • Training: Delivery of training programs for staff, as well as the preparation of Seminars and Conferences.

Our technicians have been responsible for the development of an ambitious training program for Greenkeepers and they have contributed to the training of technicians who currently carry out their work in Spain, the USA, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, they can help you to improve your facilities in an orderly and effective fashion, as well as to search for alternatives for materials used and maintenance techniques.