designing irrigation systems and performing audits

Of all the components that constitute a golf course, the irrigation system is possibly the most important, and at the same time one of the most complex to maintain and optimise due to the number of components that comprise it and their complexity.

Irrigation systems and especially the automated systems that control them have undoubtedly been the main development to be introduced onto golf courses in recent years. In this way, the development of these systems has meant that nowadays golf course maintenance has advanced so much that it helps not only to control moisture, but also to reduce water and electricity consumption, to improve grass coverage and reduce weeds, etc.

These complex systems are composed of underground pipes and cables, which makes their management and maintenance even more difficult. This is further complicated by complex pumping and re-pumping systems, connections with desalination and sewage treatment plants, fertirrigation systems, etc.

All of these components must be optimised and controlled by central computers or programmers so that their management is simpler and more rational. The services that acttua Golf Services can offer you in terms of irrigation and pumping systems include:

  • Designing new irrigation systems or renewing existing systems.
  • Changing existing automated irrigation control systems.
  • Studying alternative water supplies.
  • Designing pumping and re-pumping stations.
  • Designing chlorination and fertirrigation systems and/or systems for injecting acid and controlling pH.
  • Redesigning irrigation systems for own systems and for third parties.
  • Preparing “As Built” plans.
  • Performing audits of irrigation systems, automated systems and pumping stations.
  • Performing energy audits.
  • Providing training relating to the use of irrigation software, facility maintenance, etc.

Our technicians have extensive experience across the various disciplines of irrigation and so they can help you develop unique and integrated solutions for your problems.