investment plans and renovation work

Golf Courses are composed of different areas of play, which require appropriately sized and properly executed infrastructures for their correct operation. Maintaining the functionality of these infrastructures is vital for the survival of the different parts of the course, which requires a continuous process of renewal, given the limited useful life of not only the components that constitute the golf course, but also their corresponding infrastructures.

A complex with the scale of a golf course, due mainly to the size of its facilities, must be subjected to a steady and orderly refurbishment and renovation process, given that, if these investments are not programmed correctly, then several of the components may become obsolete at the same time, greatly affecting the financial plans of the Club, which may then find itself having to defer its commitments or take on more debt.

For this reason, it is vital that the different components are analysed, in order to identify the condition of each one and plan for their renewal, at the same time as performing the financial estimates for each job.

Over the last few years, acttua has developed multi-year investment plans for some of the most prestigious golf courses in the country, aimed at prioritising the renovation work for different facilities. This work is based on prior analysis of the facilities and the performance of various studies, such as the:

  • Review of the condition of the various components that comprise a golf course (the greens, tees, bunkers).
  • Study of the irrigation and pump system.
  • Study of the drainage system.
  • Evaluation of the network of roads and study of the journeys made.
  • Study of the buildings.
  • Analysis of the maintenance warehouse, status of the stock of machinery and evaluation of the maintenance equipment.
  • Review of energy and water consumption.
  • Review of the distribution network for water and energy.
  • Legal adaptation of the facilities.

Various solutions are then presented to the Club based on the results of the information collected during these studies so that the Club can draw up investment plans and identify the necessary corrective measures to increase the useful life of some of the components.