technical project studies and project managers

Golf Course development is a delicate process, which often lacks the role of an independent technical designer, specialising in the world of golf. For this reason, many Golf Courses have been constructed and renovated in recent years, with costs, deadlines and the final quality of the work varying significantly from the initial plans.

In this context, acttua Golf Services considers that a support technician is vital for both new projects and the renovation of existing projects. The support technician is responsible for identifying the peculiarities of each project, correctly planning the project in terms of timeframes and costs and detecting any possible factors that have not been taken into account by the owner, staff and/or the Designer-Architect. The normal process undertaken by our technicians for this type of project is as follows:

  • Characterisation of the Project.
  • Search for the Designer-Architect.
  • Technical Study of the Design and Drafting of the Technical Specifications.
  • Resource Management Study.
  • Job planning study.
  • Cost analysis study, etc.

In this way, we consider that the involvement of an independent support technician during the execution phase of any job is key to ensuring the financial and time control of construction projects and renovation work. This figurehead is the only person who is really capable of ensuring that the planned quality criteria are fulfilled for these kinds of jobs. For this reason, we employ technicians who are specialists in new construction projects and renovation work, and who have worked on some of the most important construction projects in our country in recent years. Our commitment involves:

  • Managing the execution of construction work.
  • A Control Plan for the Execution of Construction Work and fulfilment of the planned deadlines.
  • Verification of the receipt of the necessary construction materials and products at the construction site.
  • Supervision of tests and quality trials.
  • Coordination and control of all the parties involved in the project.
  • Preparation of the Communication and Procedures Protocol.
  • Analysis of possible new or contradictory prices.
  • Advice regarding the suitableness of any amendments proposed for the Project.
  • Supervision, control, verification and approval of certificates and the final settlement.
  • Proposals for the construction site or facilities that may result in cost- or time-savings for the execution of the Project.
  • Preparation of a Quality dossier.