topographical studies and cad designs

One of the strengths of acttua Golf Services, compared with the other companies that render engineering services in the Golf sector, stems from our specialisation, both in terms of our technicians, as well as our services. In this regard, acttua has a large Topography department and a CAD Design team capable of covering all requirements in this field.

The main limitation when it comes to planning, studying and forecasting the investment required to develop a Golf Course is the absence of proper cartographic and topographic information. This type of information is vital when it comes to locating and measuring the different components, given that, otherwise, work can only be performed on the basis of estimations and assumptions. This is particularly important for those components that will be underground once they have been installed (irrigation and draining systems, cables, etc.).

To undertake this kind of land analysis, acttua Golf Services has the following equipment:

  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers.
  • A comprehensive topographical station.
  • Topographic levels.

Having the correct topographic information available about the facilities, be they new or already constructed is fundamental for their characterisation and for the subsequent performance of calculations, measurements and other checks.

The Topographic Department employs technicians with extensive experience in the performance of this type of work, as well as in the handling of equipment. Using the topographical information available or prepared, acttua is able to facilitate the following services for its different projects:

  • Topographical characterisation of the golf courses and adjoining areas.
  • Performance of measurements and material take offs for the construction work and other jobs performed.
  • Localisation of services.
  • Digital models.
  • Preparation of “As Built” plans.
  • Performance of measurements.

All of the teams at acttua Golf Services are supported by powerful specific software programs for the performance of material take offs, the sizings of drainage, rainwater and sanitation networks, the calculation of earth to be moved, etc.