construction and maintenance of sports grounds

Golf Courses and Sports Clubs often have other sports facilities that require proper construction and maintenance. These facilities have their own specifications and recommendations, which are typically different from those established and agreed upon for the Golf sector.

For many years, we have been constructing and maintaining other types of sports facilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Soccer pitches: projects to improve and renovate facilities. Performing substrate compatibility studies and commissioning their planting.
  • Croquet pitches for the practice of Golf Croquet and Association Croquet, in accordance with the specifications of the World Croquet Federation (WCF).
  • Tennis and Padel: sports facility construction projects, in accordance with the Federation’s rules.
  • Equestrian sports: projects to construct competition sites and racecourses, and subsequently maintain them.

Acttua Golf Services provides the following services for these types of facilities:

  • Preparing projects, technical specifications, etc.
  • Topographical survey and organisation of the courts, with the establishment of superficial slopes, as well as the sub-base.
  • Designing the irrigation system.
  • Designing and dimensioning the drainage system, which is especially important for these types of facilities.
  • Determining the rooting layer and modifications necessary to perfect corrections in the any substrate deficiencies.
  • Selecting the grass species and its corresponding varieties on the basis of the traffic, type of sport, etc.